Award Winning Dream

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As first time custom home owners, we were faced with the daunting decision of who should build our dream home. As we interviewed multiple custom home builders, it was apparent right from the start that Tod Arbogast did not assume he had the job. Instead, he wanted to ensure that we were well informed of the custom home building process as a whole. Tod is an extremely honest individual that was with us every step of the way throughout our home building journey. We were very involved home owners, visiting the site many times a day it would seem, and we were always greeted kindly by all staff working for or on behalf of Arbogast Custom Homes. In the end, we not only received our dream home that was so eloquently envisioned by Geschke Group Architecture, but we were fortunate enough to win the HBA Max Award for best custom home in Austin, TX. We are grateful to Tod and his team for this unforgettable experience!